Interaction with Stakeholders

The SHIMA SEIKI Group strives to improve in order to continue being recognized as a trusted and "indispensable company," while valuing its relationships with stakeholders through business activities, carrying out appropriate information disclosure, and increasing corporate value.

For Customers

A basic policy of quality environment

Based on the corporate philosophy of "Ever Onward - Limitless Progress," SHIMA SEIKI is focusing on developing and providing attractive products and services that anticipate users' needs by demonstrating "creativity." We will strive to improve product quality and customer satisfaction based on the SHIMA SEIKI Spirit of "developing products with the most advanced technologies and offering them at the most affordable prices." In addition to promoting "people-friendly, earth-friendly product creation," we will contribute to environmental preservation through the development and provision of "environmentally conscious products" and fulfill our social responsibilities as a global company.

For this reason, all employees, under the president, always keep the "10 Product Development Concepts" in mind, actively addressing the planned and efficient operation of quality and the environmental management system, and the continuous improvement of its effectiveness.

  • We strive to develop and provide appealing products from the user's point of view by implementing appropriate education and training, effectively converting knowledge into wisdom by utilizing facilities effectively.
  • We ensure compliance with product requirements and legal requirements.
  • We post the quality basic policy and quality action guidelines inside the company so that all our employees understand and execute them.
  • We set quality targets for each division and carry out target management in order to achieve the quality basic policy and the quality action guidelines.
  • We confirm quality appropriateness and necessity of review in quality management system evaluation and decide quality basic policy and quality action guidelines in order to make quality basic policy and quality action guidelines consistent with the direction of our business.
  • We will publish the quality basic policy and quality action guidelines to the public.

10 Product Development Concepts

  • Planning and Proposal
  • Appealing Products
  • Woven-Like Knitwear
  • Hi-Sensitivity, High Aesthetics
  • Small-Lot Multiple-Variety
  • Quick Response
  • Market-Driven
  • High-Efficiency
  • Information-Oriented (Multimedia)
  • Consistency and Diversity

Quality Assurance System

SHIMA SEIKI strictly implements quality control in order to respond to customers' trust. We arrange the following system to deliver safe and secure products to everyone without a lack of quality.

System Chart
System Chart

* QMS: Quality Management System

Approach to Creative Craftsmanship

The QMS (Quality Management System) Committee
QMS (Quality Management System) Committee

Quality and Environmental Management Conference

Information sharing aimed at quality improvement

We appoint members from each division and regularly hold the "QMS (Quality Management System) Committee." In addition to reporting our efforts, we are working to develop and provide appealing products from the customer's point of view with the goals of improving quality by consulting/solving problems and sharing information.

Quality Control in the Production Process

Thorough quality control through system utilization

By establishing traceability and utilizing a system cooperated in-house, it is possible to grasp all the production processes on data and quickly respond to inquiries from customers after shipment. This is effective for improvement measures and maintenance management, which realizes quality improvement and product stabilization.

Obtaining ISO 9001
Obtaining ISO 9001

Guaranteeing the quality of our design system

In order to develop new technologies and further develop users' industries, we operate the quality management system for all products we design, manufacture, and sell. Among them, we have gained the "ISO 9001 Third-Party Certification by External Certification Authority" effective for product certification of overseas safety standards in the design and manufacturing business of the apparel design system. (Certification obtained: September 24, 2002)

Intellectual Property Strategy

Protecting our customers' products with intellectual property rights

Currently, we have more than 1,000 domestic and foreign patents.
The feature of our intellectual property strategy is that we obtain patents on a wide range of technologies such as "knitting technology" and "design technology" as well as "technical patents on flat knitting machines."
Protecting and differentiating creative craftsmanship of users who use our products and know-how with intellectual property rights are also an important intellectual property strategy.

Quality Improvement Through Human Resources Development
Quality improvement through human resources development

Participation in Skill Grand Prix

In-House Skills Examination System

Through an in-house skills examination system, we train engineers with advanced skills, such as a "WHOLEGARMENT 1st Grade Engineer." In addition, by supporting participation in Skill Grand Prix and acquiring skills tests, we aim to further improve quality by motivating employees, raising their skills, and challenging their spirit.

Improvement Proposal System

Creating ideas from daily work

With an in-house system called the "Improvement Proposal System," each employee constantly creates ingenuity while continuously improving daily work from various perspectives including quality improvement, cost reduction, occupational accident prevention, customer satisfaction improvement, skill development, and ecology. Through the "Improvement Proposal System," improvement of business is linked to fostering innovation awareness.

After-Sales Service System

We aim to provide after-sales services according to customers in Japan and overseas.

We provide lecture facilities at headquarters so that all customers can fully utilize the functions of our products. Our experienced professional staff supports our customers.

For overseas, we work to enhance our support system through local subsidiaries and service bases.

After-sales service system

Interaction with Employees

Creating a Comfortable Working Environment

The Health and Safety Committee/Disaster Management Committee
Health and Safety Committee/Disaster Management Committee

Evacuation drills

For the health and safety of employees

Corporate activities focused on employee health support, safety, and disaster prevention help to ensure the health and safety of our employees.

  • Health consultation by an industrial physician or internal inspection
  • Health and stress check once a year
  • Evacuation drills, stock of water and emergency food, and utilization of a safety confirmation system

Corporate Ethics Helpline

Listening to the voices of our employees

We have established a "Corporate Ethics Helpline (Compliance Consultation Counter)" within and outside the company as a point of contact for consultation and notification when we discover fraud or unfair practices such as violation of laws and duties within the SHIMA SEIKI Group.

Relaxing Space
Relaxing Space

Employees can feel refreshed in a green space

Facilities for employees to enjoy

There is a swimming pool (limited to summer months), a tennis court, and external affiliated facilities inside the company as welfare facilities. The company swimming pool is open to local residents as well as employees, and it also plays a role in protecting against fires in the area. A vast garden provides a space for employees to relax during breaks.

Company Magazine
Company Magazine

Providing and sharing information by employees

Based on an in-house magazine issued since June 1972, we are providing and sharing company information. Article submission from employees is one of its features, and it is used as a communication tool for employee participation.

Promoting Diversity

Supporting Female Success
Promotion of female success

In-house nursery school called "Shima Kids Land"

Promoting active roles of women in the workplace

In April 2017, we opened an in-house nursery school called "Shima Kids' Land" with the goal of improving the work environment where female employees can play an active role. In addition, we have expanded the opportunities for women to participate in activities such as setting up opportunities for awareness of further challenges, such as training and participation in outside seminars.

Recruiting Foreign Employees

Aiming for the globalization of human resources

We hire overseas human resources, accept various values, respond to diverse needs, and aim to cultivate human resources that will become the backbone of overseas business.

Reemployment System

Keep working lively and vividly

Employees that wish to continue working after retirement age and who do not fall under dismissal reasons or reasons for retirement have adopted a reemployment system that works as a temporary treatment for a period of up to 65 years of age. We are developing an environment where these employees can continue to work with a purpose, such as transferring skills and knowledge to younger employees. As a result, the reemployment system is making full use of the rich experiences of our senior workers.

Human Resources Development

An Education System and Internal Certification System
New employee training

New employee training

Aiming for career up

In order to ensure that each employee can fulfill his/her respective role, we conduct training for each level, in order for employees to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills. We also encourage self-development and offer a wide variety of educational correspondence courses and foreign language training.

Efforts towards ET Robocon

Efforts towards ET Robocon

In addition, in order to cultivate technical skills, we have also established initiatives to participate in contests competing for technology and an in-house skills verification system.

  • Training for participation in Skill Grand Prix and ET Robocon
  • In-house skills verification system certifying WHOLEGARMENT engineers

Interaction with Business Partners

Basic Ideas on Material Procurement

While keeping a fair and equitable perspective with our business partners, we will conduct sound and transparent transactions at all times based on the following basic policy, while observing the spirit of law concerning the optimization of transactions with subcontracting companies.

  • Compliance
  • Fair and equitable transactions
  • Building a win-win relationship with business partners
  • Coordination with business partners for cost and technical cooperation

Communication with Business Partners

Utilization of Electronic Data

Aiming for efficiency on both sides

By utilizing "Web EDI" of electronic data in the order receiving work with business partners, it leads to the reduction of workload and improvement of efficiency on both sides. In addition, environmental burdens have been reduced by making it paperless.

In-House Exhibitions and Lectures
In-house exhibitions

Exchanging information at a meeting place

We hold exhibitions and workshops sponsored by business partners at our company, leading to information sharing and technology improvement not only in the material procurement division but also in related departments. In addition, employees from related departments visit business partners and hold technical exchange meetings in order to solve mutual issues and problems and to continue to supply with consistent quality.

Intellectual Property Rights

Recognizing and respecting property rights

The SHIMA SEIKI Group is based on our own technology development. We are constantly aware that intellectual property rights are the source of corporate value creation, and we strive to ensure proper protection and effective utilization.

  • Actively engage in the creation of intellectual property and link it to product development that is useful for the development of society.
  • Intellectual property rights that can be differentiated from other companies are extremely important asset of the SHIMA SEIKI Group. We strive to protect and utilize it, and we will resolutely deal with infringement by other companies.
  • When using intellectual property rights owned by other companies, we will take appropriate measures, such as concluding a contract and do not unjustly infringe or misuse it.

Interaction with Shareholders/Investors

Basic Ideas

In order to obtain correct understanding and trust from shareholders, investors, business partners, and local communities, etc., we strive to provide fair, timely, appropriate, and continuous disclosure of information on the company's business situation and overall corporate activities.
For details, please refer to "Disclosure Policy."

Communication with Shareholders/Investors

General Meeting of Shareholders
General Meeting of Shareholders

Factory tour

Proper information disclosure

A general meeting of shareholders is held annually every June. As the company's highest decision-making body, we discuss important matters and receive reports of annual business results and consolidated financial statements. After the general meeting, we also hold a factory tour at headquarters.

Institutional Investor Briefing in Japan and Overseas
Institutional investor briefing in Japan and overseas

Results briefing

Sharing information in briefing sessions

We hold financial briefing sessions for securities analysts and institutional investors twice a year in Tokyo. We explain the results of operations and the medium to long term management vision, and we receive many opinions and suggestions through question and answer. In addition, the SHIMA SEIKI Group has extensive business overseas and has increased opportunities for dialogue with overseas institutional investors.

Relationship with Shareholders

Shareholder Returns

We consider the return of profits to shareholders as one of our highest management policies. Our fundamental policy is to continue to provide stable returns over the long term in line with sustainable business expansion. On this basis, we strive to allocate profit in a balanced manner, while maintaining the internal reserves for investment in growth from a long-term perspective and future business expansion. Regarding the policy of returning profits included in the medium-term management plan "Ever Onward 2020," we will create a stronger link to profit growth than in the past and increase consolidated dividend payout ratio to 30% for shareholder returns. At the same time, we will consider important factors including our share price level, cash situation, market environment, as well as purchase treasury stock in a timely and expeditious manner while striving to increase capital efficiency in other ways.

IR site
IR site

In order to help shareholders and investors understand the business contents and the management strategy of SHIMA SEIKI, an investor information page is provided on the official homepage to post important information including summaries of accounts, results briefing materials, shareholder newsletters, and annual reports. Furthermore, we are enriching the contents so that we can communicate our future efforts in an easy-to-understand manner.

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